Reasons to Diet Part 2

Following on from the previous article in this series, it would be remiss of us to omit the mental processes that are going on in everyone especially when they gain weight. What starts as snacking to curb a craving for what amounts to comfort eating to help us get over a traumatic event, or something that has depressed us, can progress to a long term habit that results in constant weight gain.

reasons to dietThis goes on and on, with the person's weight spiraling out of control if nothing is done to break the cycle. So this is about breaking that cycle and what needs to happen on a mental level to bring that about.

Decide to End Bad Habits

The first thing that has to happen is the person has to make a conscious decision that will stop their bad eating habits because they want to stop gaining weight and reverse the trend so they can then lose the excess they had gained. This is probably the most important part of all this, because no one else can do this part for you. It has to come from your own decision and only you can make that decision.

It's no different from an alcoholic becoming a reformed alcoholic when they (and no one else) make up their minds not to drink any more.

Eating habits can become very strong, especially when they are linked emotionally and can create food addictions that are very tough to break. The ties have, nevertheless, to be broken and often that can only happen by dealing with the thing that is causing the emotional upset. Once that has been overcome, then you can start to work on weaning yourself off the food addiction and give yourself more good reasons to diet.

It doesn't really matter what it is that you have become addicted to eating as it is generally not the food itself but the need for the food that has such a strong hold on you. It is more common to become addicted to high calorie, sugary or high GI carb food as this seems to satisfy the craving for a short time. But the addiction can be broken once you have made the decision to do so.

Don't Buy Food You Don't Need

Start by not buying the foods that are causing the problems when you are at the supermarket. These are generally the processed foods that contain artificial additives and trans fats. This takes away the convenient side to things, where all you needed to do was open the pantry and there would be the foods you crave.

Instead, if the foods are not in the house you either have to go out specially to buy them or go without. Often, it is just easier to go without and do something else. That something else can be drinking a glass of plain water, which is actually very good at curbing food cravings. So can drinking unsweetened green tea or other herbal teas. Doing some exercises can take your mind off a bad craving and in a short while the craving will be forgotten as you get into the workout.

There are many ways of beating food cravings and we'll look at more of these in future articles.