How Well Does Nutrisystem Work?

It's quite a common thought in the minds of people who have never before tried a convenient diet plan like that provided by Nutrisystem, as to whether it will work in helping them to lose weight. On the surface it looks wonderful and so easy and convenient that it looks almost too good to be true, and we are often told that when something is too good to be true, it often is. So let's take a look at the evidence to find out does Nutrisystem work at helping with weight loss.

Plusses and Minuses

There are plenty of benefits to the various Nutrisystem diet plans as well as some not so great aspects that could put some people off this type of diet. Let's break it down into the for's and against's and see why Nutrisystem is such a successful weight loss diet.


The negative aspects tend to center around the size of the meals, which are quite small in comparison to what is considered normal by many people. They are also pre-packed processed meals, so the quality, although fairly good, will never compare to a good home cooked meal and certainly could not be thought of as gourmet quality.

You can get around the small size of the meals by adding some vegetables and protein items as recommended by Nutrisystem to bulk the meals and avoid problems of feeling hungry between meals. The quality is what it is. You will either love it or hate it!


On the up side, the meals are fast and easy to get ready to eat with no preparation or cooking necessary. The entire diet is delivered to your door so that you don't need to visit the store to buy groceries. The meals are tasty, highly varied and nutritious, while being low in fat and calories.

This is a hugely convenient and time saving way to lose weight through what has to be one of the simplest dieting programs currently available. In this day and age, time is a valuable commodity and people want to enjoy as much of it as they can when they're not working or being kept busy on other things. This diet takes almost no time at all, which makes it so attractive to so many people.

It has often been said that a diet will only work as well as the dieter is prepared to let it. You can make this work for you a lot easier than other diets, but you still have to go into this with an attitude of wanting to succeed and then putting all your efforts into making it happen. You can read more on this subject if you need to by clicking on this link to a great article on Nutrisystem here: The Nutrisystem diet works as long as you stick to it and do not cheat, so if you can do that, then it will work for you.